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Mark Resurrectus

Hello friends, I'm Mark Resurrectus - CEO of the Holey Roamin' Empire and Executor of the TURBOFEED OR GLORY alliance. I believe that EVE is better when there's more in it, and there's more to do with the stuff that's in it. Over the last few months, PVP and PVE in wormholes, EVE's spookiest space, has flattened out and become dull. I believe that a few small, common sense changes can reinvigorate wormhole living and make it a more rewarding and more violent place to play the game.

Even after 18 years of life, EVE continues to evolve. I see a shifting landscape shaped by developer changes that need a firm hand on the wheel. Industry changes, capital meta changes, the distinct lack of decent skins for the Eos - I have heard the cry of my people and am standing here today to offer you a chance at a brighter way forward. Give me the chance to be your firm hand on the wheel, and I will work as hard as I can to make the game as fulfilling as it can be for as many people as possible.

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