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Silver Suspiria

United States

Silver Suspiria [FEDUP-XO] for CSM 13

Greetings pilots of New Eden, I am Silver Suspiria and I am running for CSM 13. Please let me take a moment to introduce myself and state my approach and goals as a candidate of this years CSM.

Why CSM?
In my real life career as an IT Director at a global Fortune 100 company, I have had the opportunity to serve on Consumer Advisory Boards for multiple organizations. I view the duty of a CSM member as very similar. It's a great way for a company to get direct feedback from their customers who use their product every day. I feel I can use my real life experience in such a position to channel meaningful and constructive input from our community back to the business that maintains the game we all love so much. I intend to focus my attention on low sec, faction war, and small to medium gang PVP. This is a section of EVE Online that is critical to further growth of the game. It offers an important alternative to big block NULL sec game play for both New and Veteran players. Attention to this area of the game is important to EVE and CCP and as a member of CSM I would work very hard to explore with CCP ways to nurture and improve this fantastic mode of play.

My History:
The Beginning:
I am a B-R baby, I was introduced to EVE Online watching the coverage of the battle of B-R. I am a gaming news buff and was following this gaming history making fight. I had of course heard of EVE Online prior, however, as a Thirty Something father of one with one on the way, who has time for an MMO right? I took the plunge and cut my teeth as a PVP pilot watching streamers like Fintarue and Sardcaid as well as participating in Sir Squeebles public fleets. I developed a love for solo, Low Sec, Frigate PVP and found my available game time was well suited for that.

Sucked In:
It wasn't long before my time spent fighting EVERYTHING I could find in a Novice and Small Faction War site as a pirate got the attention of the locals. Recruiters from Mecha Enterprises Fleet (XMETA) reached out to me. It was a perfect fit, a small Faction War corp who focused on intense, highly skilled, small gang PVP. The type of PVP that I found delivered a feeling that I never had with any other game. I was able to move up to a Director and then second in command and I was hooked, EVE Online was my game.

Building my Legacy:
After the introduction of Citadels, the tone of Faction War changed dramatically. When alpha clones were introduced, the enemy Caldari State scooped a lot of the incoming player base and began to burn the war zone. In an attempt to turn things around for the Gallente Militia, Myself, Kontraband Venning, Zouren Mamba of XMETA and Ashterothi CEO of Aideron Robotics got together and formed Federation Uprising (FEDUP). Our goal was to breathe life into Low Sec and Faction War, embrace new players, and focus on bringing to our members a wealth of PVP game play that only Faction War can offer. Today a year later, we have grown to over 800 members, as of March 12th 2018, the largest alliance in faction war, we firmly control half of the Gallente VS Caldari war zone and even ventured into NULL sec holding SOV against multiple attempts at eviction.

Thank you for your consideration, you can find me on Discord
Or in Game, Also I will be in Iceland for FANFEST!

I would love to hear all of your ideas and input

See you in your pod ;)

Silver Suspira

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