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teddy Gbyc

United Kingdom

My Eve online story began in 2014. Like the majority of players in the game, I started out in nullsec. I began in Providence in a small industrial corp learning the basics and helping with CVA pings when I could. Eventually joining Forging Industries inside the alliance AFK, where I participated in the many defences of Providence while plying my trade as an industrialist.

In 2016, I started to grow bored and discontent with null life. I sought out a change, eventually deciding on a move to wormhole space. Joining the small corp (at the time) of ShekelSquad in their 5-4 wormhole before we moved into a 5-5. Eventually I was promoted to EUTZ director of the corp as we grew and became a well known name in wormhole space with awesome fights and infamous memes.

Leaving [SHKL] in 2018 I became a part of Foxholers, being engaged to the CEO, Ashy.This meant getting involved in smaller scale 5-5 wormhole life again and also participating in the Alliance Tournament with her and Villore Accords (Battle Badger!). Later down the line, I rejoined some old friends in Chain Smoking (5-5) and eventually became the CEO of the corp and banding together again with Foxholers in Outfoxed. At first this was in a 2-5/NS and then a 4-2/3 wormhole.

During this time the Surgical Strike patch hit the game along with the rolling changes which significantly hurt our ability to find content at the time. There were definitely upsides to the patch, but the overall effect on wormhole space combat is undeniable and must be clearly and directly communicated to CCP and the community.

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