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United States

Currently I am a Pandemic Horde line member within the corporation Blackwater USA Inc. I play in both nullsec and highsec. In nullsec, I take part in fleet PVP, and I run pirate anoms for isk. I used to be big into mining in nullsec, but I haven't really mined much in null recently.
I keep a couple of characters in highsec to do a variety of things including accessing the Jita market, multi-box mining, mission running, abyssal sites, and occasionally participate in incursion fleets.

I co-host an Eve talkshow every other Sunday called Between 2 Keepstars. The show airs on the New Eden Post twitch channel. The show centers around various topics and events within Eve.

My favorite Eve faction would have to be the Trigalvians.

I've been playing it for roughly 9 years and the friendships and memories that I have created through this game are things that I will treasure for years to come. I am running for CSM because I want the game to succeed because I want others to have the ability to create their own unforgettable experiences within EVE online. I also believe that I can use my experience in game QA to help benefit the CSM.

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