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Jurius Doctor

Hey everybody, I'm Jurius Doctor. I teach people to play EVE Online, on YouTube, Twitch, and one-on-one. I have been helping people to join the EVE Online community and learn the game since 2013. This is my fourth run for CSM, and through my past runs for CSM I have earned the endorsement of current and past CSM members. I bring to the table an understanding of game mechanics, of the communities and movers in the game, and of the challenges and barriers faced by new players.

From my professional life I bring knowledge of managing development, creating actionable and concise feature requests, and effective negotiation and professional decorum. Since 90% of what the CSM does is sit in meetings, you need representatives who won't waste CCP's time, and won't let them waste ours, while still finding outcomes that benefit the health of the game.

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