EVE Vegas Pub Crawl returns! - Get your tickets!
reported by: CCP Guard | 2015.09.01 11:11:31

The EVE Vegas pub crawl is back, better than ever!

The Gaming Pub Night we announced this summer fell through as you may remember, when we got news of the closing of the venue (that sort of luck will serve us well in Vegas, right?).

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Congratulations to the Alliance Tournament XIII Winner
reported by: CCP Logibro | 2015.08.31 13:54:34

With the Alliance Tournament XIII Grand Final having played out and concluded last night we would like to congratulate the tournament champions, Warlords of the Deep.

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EVE Online is Currently On Sale in the Humble Store
reported by: CCP Logibro | 2015.08.28 17:55:35

EVE Online is currently on sale in the Humble Store. The Humble Store is run by the same guys that run the Humble Bundle, and donate 10% of all of their sales from the store to a charity of your choice from their listing.

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Another EVE Vegas 2015 Ticket Holder Draw Winner Announced!
reported by: CCP Falcon | 2015.08.28 11:19:42

On August 18th, week we announced the second round of EVE Vegas 2015 ticket holder prize draws.

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Defence Of The Throne Worlds Content Disabled
reported by: CCP Falcon | 2015.08.27 19:35:35

We have decided to suspend the Defence of the Throne Worlds incursions for the time being due to performance issues experienced on the nodes running them.

While we investigate and fix the problem that is causing the performance issues, we have taken the feature offline to limit disruption to players and developers alike, and prevent any unnecessary loss of ships.

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