The Alliance Tournament

The Alliance Tournament

It is that time again! The alliances of New Eden are mustering their highly trained fleets and are flying ships out of their own hangars, risking everything for the glory and possible winnings in brutal matches where losses are felt dearly.

Alliance Tournament XIII will be held over the course of four consecutive weekends starting on Saturday the 15th of August and ending with a grand finale on Sunday the 30th of August. We will again have a double elimination format this year and all of the action will be streamed live and for free on our CCP Games twitch channel! Subscribe to that channel to never miss a single second of Alliance Tournament XIII.


The prizes this year will be magnificent, as always. The alliance tournament ships this year are a cruiser named the Chameleon, and a frigate named the Whiptail. Further information about these ships will be reveled later.

This year we will also give all participants in the Alliance Tournament a medal to show their participation. That is not all, however. Further prizes will be revealed as we get closer to the tournament, but rest assured that we have heard your comments about the prize structure.


Participating teams

The 64 teams selected for entry into Alliance Tournament XII are listed below.

  • Dead Terrorists
  • Pasta Syndicate
  • Fidelas Constans
  • Feign Disorder
  • Triumvirate.
  • Affirmative.
  • SCUM.
  • Ushra'Khan
  • Choke Point
  • End of Life
  • Agony Empire
  • Monkeys with Guns.
  • The Afterlife.
  • The Devil's Warrior Alliance
  • Clockwork Pineapple
  • Red Vs. Blue
  • Test Alliance Please Ignore
  • Sleeper Social Club
  • Curatores Veritatis Alliance
  • HUN Reloaded
  • Circle-Of-Two
  • The Camel Empire
  • No Holes Barred
  • Rote Kapelle
  • Quebec United Legions
  • Exodus.
  • CAStabouts
  • Nulli Secunda
  • Easily Excited

  • Noir. Mercenary Group
  • Cynosural Field Theory.
  • LowSechnaya Sholupen
  • The Gorgon Empire
  • Mortuus.
  • Moist.
  • M.I.F
  • The Nameless Alliance
  • The Tuskers Co.
  • Shadow Cartel
  • R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N
  • The G0dfathers
  • The Fourth District
  • Outbreak.
  • The Kadeshi
  • Tactical Narcotics Team
  • RAZOR Alliance
  • Ineluctable.
  • C0VEN
  • The Methodical Alliance
  • The Initiative.
  • Pandemic Legion
  • Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork
  • CODE.
  • Red Alliance
  • The Unthinkables
  • Disavowed.
  • A Nest of Vipers
  • Almost Awesome.
  • The Fearless Empire
  • Surely You’re Joking